Having years of experience in the food industry and hospitality sector, I decided that what I have experienced is far greater than I could have ever imagined. I have been a successful Executive Chef for many years, developing menus and brand designs for various people who have franchises and deli’s on a National Basis, then it hit me like a ten ton truck, I can do all of the above for myself.

This is how Lime Life started, from the experience I discovered that life isn’t as sweet as what we would like it to be but it’s the fact that we have everyday to enjoy life, hence the name is developed to remind us that no matter what we have experienced its kind of “bitter sweet” and how we choose to move forward.
When it comes to food and preparation there of I find myself in the anticipation of how each individual will react to the first bite, I envisage the sense of pure satisfaction, a explosion of taste and a memory that will last forever, Love at first bite…

To all the people I have learned from I thank you, to all of those who still will enjoy the experience I have explained may this be a journey for all of us to enjoy and remember our food soothes your soul….